Uncovering and clearing platforms using existing land

With the help of the professional equipment we have, the land processing is much faster, the land used for stripping can be reused to compensate for the platforms. In this way, we optimize both costs and execution time.

Stabilization of platforms and roads with hydraulic binders

We perform stabilization works on platforms and roads with hydraulic binders. Hydraulic binders have specific properties adapted to the base and foundation layers for roads and railways, to the shape layers, to the stabilization and treatment of the soil.

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Foundation excavations and executions

Whether it is a residential complex or a commercial complex, our company provides professional equipment for digging foundations, transporting or reusing the land if necessary, together with a well-trained team.

Structures, enclosures and floors

These services are intended in principle for industrial parks, where we have a rich experience in the field. Among the basic services, we list some aspects that we implement: Metal or concrete structures, infrastructure works - insulated foundations and foundation beams, retaining walls, monolithic reinforced concrete structures, closures with thermal insulation panels on walls and roofs, flashings of pre-painted sheet metal, gutters and downspouts, vertical systematization, concrete exterior platforms, brick and BCA masonry, fire resistant walls, plasterboard walls, painters, ceramic tiles.

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